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...A Quick Overview of this CHS Yearbook page...


Offered for your viewing enjoyment here is this digital collection of Columbus High School Yearbooks (Logs) from 1916 through 1970. Within this offering of yearbooks, you will find senior class photos, faculty, and in some yearbooks, clubs and sports. Some of you might ask why I stopped at 1970. The most logical answer is because that is the year I graduated from CHS. I do think it would be nice, however, to extend the yearbook offerings up to the time that Columbus East opened it doors, thus covering the complete run of yearbooks for the entire time that Columbus Indiana had only one high school (Also, for your general information, at this time, I do not plan on adding any additional yearbooks from North or East).


I began this yearbook page when I first created the original Historic Columbus Indiana website in 2001. At that time, I only planned on posting yearbooks from 1968 to 1970, and had no intention whatsoever of trying to tackle the posting and indexing of the complete run of yearbooks. On the original high school web page, I wrote about my days of attending Columbus Senior High School. If you care to read about my memories, click here.


Besides locating the yearbooks, and scanning the pages, the actual building of the name index of all the students and faculty is what makes this section of the website so time consuming. I'd hate to guess how many hours have been spent by myself and Richard Bray to enable you to enjoy this section of the website. The name index is something I thought of after I began posting the yearbooks to the website. Some of the yearbooks have the names indexed, and some do not. Thus, I am in the process of going back through those yearbooks that still need to be indexed and adding the names. Please be patient with me while I finish this task.


To make it easier for you to navigate the particular yearbook you wish to view, I have set up links within the text description of each yearbook to take you to certain sections, such as senior pictures, faculty, clubs, and sports.


[Regarding name search: As stated above, several of the yearbooks I offer on this page have yet to be indexed. If the person you are looking for doesn't appear in your search (you can find a search box on the Historic Columbus Indiana Welcome Page), chances are pretty good that I haven't gotten around to indexing that particular yearbook yet..]


A Quick Overview of Columbus High School (1859-1970)


     Before Columbus North and East High Schools were built, Columbus High School was located where Central stands today. The original Central school was built in 1859.Between the years of 1859 and 1905, Central was a public school. The high school was located on Pearl Street. In 1905, the old building was demolished and a new Central building was completed, becoming Columbus High School. The Washington Apartments building became Washington Elementary School. Central would remain the only high school in Columbus until a new high school was built on 25th Street (1956), at which time Central became a junior high school. In 2007, the old campus of buildings were all demolished, and a new Central once again occupies the block.

     Property on 25th Street was bought in 1936, with plans of building an elementary school. However, in 1946, the property was sold, and 40 acres of land north of 25th Street between Home Avenue and Maple Street was purchased. On Sunday, November 30, 1954, the Memorial Gymnasium was "open for business." This was known as Unit A, with Unit B (Columbus Senior High School) opening in the fall of 1956. Columbus Senior High School would stand as the only high school until it succumbed to the same fate as the Central building: it was just too small. Columbus East opened its doors in 1972.

     Although the first official Columbus High School Yearbook (Log) was published in 1916, there was an attempt to create a "yearbook" in 1896. The book was called the "L'Envoye," and never made another appearance after that, due to a general lack of interest. After having an opportunity to scan the 1886 book, it is easy to understand why it wasn't accepted (evenutally, it will be added here.)




Mayor Fred Armstrong, Senior Picture, 1965




Bill Stearman

Senior Picture, 1943


Miss Verna Taylor, English Teacher, Columbus High School, 1929


The first official Columbus High School Log (yearbook) was published in 1916. Senior and faculty pictures, and the boys and girls basketball teams are offered.  On the inside was the following statement: "Here's a conglomeration of pictures and type which we call "The 1916 Log." If we've instituted a custom which will endure in Columbus High School for some time, that's "enuff"; we're satisfied." Well, here it is some 87 years later and although there are now two high schools in Columbus (North & East), the custom remains very much alive. In 1916, over 500 kids attended school at Central. 84 students graduated from the 1916 class. The 1916 Columbus High School Log was dedicated to Samuel Wertz, who began his tenure with CHS in 1887. With this being the first yearbook, the staff came up with several names for the book. "Hash" and the "Pest" were considered as possible names, but "Log" won out. There's a picture of the high school, as well as a brief overview of Columbus High School from 1859-1916. The "new" Industrial Building, which was completed in December, 1915 at a cost of $40,000 is highlighted as well. A total of 24 teachers made up the faculty in 1916. A new school song was written by Robert D. Harden, Carrie Ong, Howard W. D. Tooley and Arthur W. Mason, and can be found after the senior pics. The Forum, one of CHS's oldest institutions, is highlighted. The basketball team is also included. Scores such as Columbus, 41-- Hope, 19 can be found after the team photo. Highlights of the games, as well as a brief overview of Coach Busenburg is included as well. The girl's basketball team can be found here, but it's disappointing to note that none of the team members were identified. Last, but by no means least, an ad for Greek's Confectionery, F. J. Meyer Dress Goods, and Hauser & Up De Graff Jewelers...

1916 Log


The 1917 Log would  be the last Columbus High School Log to appear until 1921. Because of this, I've included the Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen classes as well as the Seniors and Faculty. It's disappointing to note, however, that the underclass are group pictures. The 1917 Log was dedicated to Carrie Ong. Chuck Taylor, of tennis shoe fame, played on the Varsity basketball team and was never known to hit his opponent until he was hit first. He played a total of 19 games in the 16/17 season, scoring 48 points. The Log states that the "first important track meet ever held by Columbus High School" occurred on May 26, 1917, and included, of all things, a BICYCLE race, in which Francis Crump won. Some maybe-familiar names you'll find scattered throughout this yearbook? Senior Mildred Murray, senior Edna Folger on page 71, junior Alta Redmon, and last, but by no means least, don't forget to check out the Crump Theatre ad.

1917 Log

Yearbooks from 1918 to 1920 do not exist. None were published because of World War I

No Log published because of WWI


The 1921 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1930 Coming Soon

1921 Log

I am trying to locate a copy of the 1922 yearbook (log). Would you have a copy I could borrow?

Want To Loan Me Your 1921 Copy?

1922 Log

I am trying to locate a copy of the 1923 yearbook (log). Would you have a copy I could borrow?

Want To Loan Me Your 1921 Copy?

1923 Log

Concerning the 1924 Log: Senior, faculty, and ads offered. I apologize for the poor scans here, as I am not very happy with the quality. I scanned this book almost 2 years ago on my Crappy scanner, and no longer have access to the book. The faculty is included here, but I must have forgotten to scan the names. Maybe I'll run across the names elsewhere. A pic of the Forum is included with actual skull and crossbones used as their mascot! The most amazing aspect about the 1924 Log was the pictures of Columbus in the back. Up to this point, any advertising was type only. The 1924 Log took a very unique approach and included pictures of businesses. I imagine at this point in time that it was not financially feasible to do this, as pictures did not appear again until the 1950's. I have included all the photo-ads within these pages. Pictures included are: 1st National Bank, Columbus Buick, Dell Brothers, Downtown (Washington Street, from 6th Street looking south), F. J. Meyer, Hoover Brothers, Serv-Ice & Coal Company , Kitzinger Bakery, Noble E. McKnight's Drugs, Reeves Auto Company, Sawin Garage, Seward Company, Zaharakos (with Pete Lew  George& Manual as kids, sitting on the stools).

1924 Log

This 1925 yearbook offered includes only the seniors and faculty.

CHS 1925 Log

1925 Log

The 1926 Log: Seniors, faculty, clubs, and sports offered. This yearbook was dedicated to Miss Daisy Linson, history teacher. A memoriam page acknowledged the passing of  Samuel Wertz, who was CHS Principal for thirty-seven years. The scanning of this yearbook was during a time when web space was running very tight. The faculty and senior names were listed on pages opposite the photos. To save space, I scanned the pictures only, and included the names at the bottom of each page. Page 28: 5 teachers, now and then (comparing 1926 photos with those in the 1916 yearbook), Condo, Taylor, Ong, Deist, and Linson.  Warren Phillips was Senior class President. Other offerings include: the Log staff, Triangle staff, the "Class Yell," the school song, physical training, Hi-Y and Sorosis, Sketch club, PHC, Forum, Band, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, the varsity Bull Dogs (Coach William Dobbins), Bull Pups, the Kittens girl's basketball team, track team, baseball team, swim team, and finally, the basketball schedule and scores for both Bull Dogs and Pups. For those of you with inquiring minds, you might note there was no football team for the 1925-26 school year.

1926 CHS Log

1926 Log

Besides offering the senior class and faculty, I have included the Columbus Bulldogs, coached by Prosecuting Attorney "Bill" Dobbins. Two pictures of the exterior of Central are shown, as well as an overview of the Industrial Department, the junior senior reception, and three pages of ads (Reeves Auto Company, Dell Brothers, Serv-Ice & Coal, The White House, among others).


1927 CHS Log

1927 Log

The 1928 Yearbook is a work in progress, but since I haven't posted anything to the website for some time, I thought I'd go ahead and add what is ready. Here you will find faculty, administrators, seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. Clubs and Sports will be added in the not too distant future!

Want To Loan Me Your 1928 Copy?

1928 Log

The 1929 yearbook offered here includes seniors, faculty, the Columbus Bull Dog basketball team, coached by Frank Newsom, and a picture of the school.

1929 Log

This yearbook will be posted in the near future.

1930 Coming Soon

1930 Log

The 1931 Log offered here consists of faculty and seniors. I have included a picture of "Peter Pan," which at one time sat in front of the main entrance. John Everroad was the class president. Pete Zaharako, who I would work for some 35 years later, was a graduate senior in the 1931 class. There's a picture of the band as well as a picture of the old Boys Club building, football, and basketball, both girls and boys teams.

Central Log 1931

1931 Log

The 1932 Log offering here includes the seniors and faculty, and the members of the Triangle.

1932 CHS Log

1932 Log

Besides the seniors and faculty, the 1933 Log has a brief history of the Columbus school system, as well as a look at the history of Columbus. The 1933 Log I borrowed from Charlin Gould was in pretty bad condition. Page 21 is in pretty bad shape. Someone has taken a crayon to the page. Football, basketball (boys and girls) are included, and Quill & Scroll.



1933 CHS Log

1933 Log

1934 Log: "The year 1934 find us in the midst of a great economic and social upheaval." These were the words of Donald DuShane, Superintendent of schools. With the US economy deep in the throes of a national depression, the only comfort Mr. DuShane could offer was the importance of being able to adapt and think for one's self. Over 1100 kids now attend the Central school. Albert Schumaker was President of the senior class.  Seniors, faculty, clubs (the Forensic League, Triangle staff,  Log staff, Quill & Scroll, Honor Society, Orchestra, the Band (Gary Davis, director!), PHC, Philharmonic, Science Club, Debate Teams, Dramatic Club, Sorosis, Sketch Club, Hi-Y, Commercial Club, Future Farmers of America, Latin Club, Forum), and sports (the Bull Dogs got beat in the sectional tournament by Hope. Columbus--15, Hope--25), Intramural Leagues, swim team, and girls volleyball.

1934 CHS Log

1934 Log

I am trying to locate a copy of the 1935 yearbook (log). Would you have a copy I could borrow?

Want To Loan Me Your 1928 Copy?

1935 Log

The 1936 Columbus High School Yearbook (Log) covers the faculty, seniors, juniors, both men and women's basketball, and Bulldog Football.

1936 Log

I am trying to locate a copy of the 1937 yearbook (log). Would you have a copy I could borrow?

Want To Loan Me Your 1928 Copy?

1937 Log

The 1938 Log: Seniorsfaculty, clubs, and sports pics here. I did not include any pictures of the school building here (I've included many from other yearbooks). My, but how times change. It would be very unusual these days to find a mother naming her son or daughter "Isola," "Clarice," "Alberta," "Zola," "Leybourne," or "Ennis," but these names were popular at the time... Harley Talley is Principal, Carrie Ong and Verna Taylor are in their 22nd year of teaching at CHS (and maybe longer than that! I'm just counting upward from the 1916 Log)... .A few of the clubs pictured here: the National Honor Society, Boys and Girl's Glee Clubs, Boys & Girls Inquirers Club, Aviation & Astronomy Clubs, the Rifle and Rithmomachia (get a load of that title!) Clubs, and finally, the Dramatic & Art Needlework clubs. The Log and Triangle staff are present, as well as the orchestra and band... But the really big news for the 1937/38 school year was the Columbus Bulldogs. This was the first year they went to state, only to be beaten by six points in the final game against the South Side of Fort Wayne. "It took the State Champs to beat CHS Bulldogs." Get a load of the GREAT picture on page 91...

1938 CHS Log

1938 Log

The 1939 yearbook (log) will be posted in the near future!

The 1939 Log is forthcoming

1939 Log

The 1940 Log. Senior, faculty, clubs, and sports pics.  A year before the US would enter World War II. "Our Daily Contacts Teach Us To Respect The Rights Of Others," and "Guardians Of A Sacred Trust" were some of the captions scattered through the pages. The 1940 Log was dedicated to Noel Genth, geometry and algebra teacher. Donald Dushane was still Superindendent and Harley Talley still Principal.  Irven King was President of the Senior Class. A Maxine Fulp graduated this year. I wonder at this point in time if she was the same Miss Fulp I had as a teacher for the 3rd and 6th grades at State Street. The student council is pictured here, the first democratic student council first appearing at CHS in 1938. The Triangle staff, Log staff, boys & girls band, orchestra, thespians, quill & scroll, honor society, sorosis, forum, hi-y, girls reserves, basketball (Coach George H. Boots) and football teams (Glenn Adams, Coach),  golf team, tennis team, concessionaires, and finally girls volleyball, swimming and basketball teams are all included with this yearbook offering.

1940 CHS Log

1940 Log

The 1941 Log is probably my most favorite yearbook that I've had the opportunity to see so far (I say probably because it's a close run between the 1941 and 1964 as personal favorites). I compliment the staff that laid out the 1941 Log, as they did a superb job. The gala and pagentry of this yearbook is unsurpassed, and the yearbook gives a wonderful glimpse of life in Columbus and life at CHS in 1940-1941. Wendell Wilkie made a stop at the Pennsylvania Railroad Depot with over 10,000 people from Columbus showing up, and construction on the "most costliest church in the world," (what we now know as the First Christian Church), was highlighted. A history of the "Forum," CHS's oldest club, is also added here. Clubs, sports, including girl's basketball and swim team (ooh-la-la!), can also be found after the senior pics. A note about the senior pictures: This is the first yearbook I've run across where the first names weren't given. Only initials. And a pic from the May Festival will give readers of this site a great look at how it was to be a part of that graduating class. Faculty and seniors here as well.

1941 CHS Log

1941 Log

Senior and faculty pics. The 1942 Log states that, on September 12, 1938, 315 of the graduating seniors began their high school career. Forty teachers were now employed at Central to educate, enlighten, and possibly entertain. The king and queen of the May Festival is posted, as well as the football team. In sports, you'll find a picture of Bill Stearman here for both football and basketball, with a recap of the Bulldogs season. The Tennis team and golfers are also pictured here. Ralph "Santa Claus" Long graduated among the 1942 seniors. Ralph played Santa Claus at churches and schools around the area, and his obit is included here...

1942 CHS Log

1942 Log

Senior and faculty pics. The 1943 Log had a "mascot" known as Squeaky. Squeaky was a squirrel, and where he came from, I do not know. He's even featured on the cover of the Log (I wonder why they didn't use a Bulldog?). With World War II going strong, Squeaky does his part to raise $10,000 through the purchase of war stamps. The threat of clothing rationing spills over into Central, and sewing classes are instructed in the fine art of "remodeling." 2200 kids attend Central in this school year. Otto Hughes is Superintendent, and Maurice Stapley is Principal. Dean of girls and boys? Beatrice Crowe and J. Ray Ross. If you want to get a good look at what school busses looked like, check out Page 28. I counted 49 teachers on the faculty pages. Miss Verna Taylor, whom you can find in the 1916 Log, is in her 27th year of teaching at CHS. I included a picture of an unidentified student being measured for her cap and gown. Senior William Stearman was elected class president. Triange Staff is included, as well as the Boy's Band, the State's Only All Girl Marching Band, the Philharmonic, the orchestra, and in sports, the Bull Dogs football team, Bull Dogs basketball team (Columbus 33, Shelbyville 28!), softball team, and last, but by no means least: the girl's volleyball & basketball teams!

1943 CHS Log

1943 Log

The flight of the "Bomber CHS '44" was the theme of this Columbus High School yearbook. The 1100 students that attended CHS were the "crew members," and the teachers the "flight instructors." The yearbook was dedicated to "those who are giving their lives for us that we may have peace and freedom." I've included the plaque on page 4 that lists the names of those CHS students who entered into military service since Pearl Harbor. There's also a picture of the morning flag raising ceremony with a young man playing a trumpet as the flag is raised. Faculty, seniors, clubs, and sports are all included within this yearbook offering.

1944 CHS Log

1944 Log

The 1945 yearbook theme was "Life," and had him (or her, as a baby) roaming the halls and telling his (or her) stories of CHS. With WW II almost over, it seems a fitting topic. Clubs, clubs, and more clubs thrive at CHS, and for the first time in the history of CHS, the boys and girls band were combined. Another new club, the "C" Club, was formed in the winter of 1944, recognizing those individuals who had won letters in sports The Jive Kennel, a local hang-out for students, officially opened and was run by a student elected board. In sports, the Columbus Bull Dog football team played home games under the lights of the old 8th Street park and the Bull Dog basketball team was coached by Noel Genth. Woody Fleming coached the Pups. Faculty included Loren Chastain as Principal and George Utterback, who would still be teaching when I graduated in 1970. 63 Senior pictures round out this yearbook.

1945 Log

The 1946 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1930 Coming Soon

1946 Log

The 1947 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1930 Coming Soon

1947 Log

The 1948 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1948 CHS Log

1948 Log

I am trying to locate a copy of the 1949 yearbook (log). Would you have a copy I could borrow? Want To Loan Me Your 1944 Copy?

1949 Log

The 1950 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1948 CHS Log

1950 Log

The 1951 Log: Seniors, faculty, clubs and sports highlighted. Bill Moore was voted the most outstanding boy in the senior class and Alberta Buxton the most outstanding girl. This offering includes the senior class and faculty, as well as all the clubs, and sports. Luthor Lockwood is the superintendent of Columbus schools, and you can find his "Napoleonic stance while staring off into the future" here as well. The big news for CHS in 1951? A new P. A. System (Principal Earne's idea, with a little help from the classmates). Paul Martin was voted by the Associated Press to the all-state second squad in football. The Columbus Bull Dog basketball team went 14 and 4 and won the conference championship. Some of the songs you might have listened to in 1951? Nat King Cole's "Too Young," "Harbor Lights," by Sammy Kaye and his Orchestra, and "Be My Love," by Mario Lanza...

CHS Log 1951

1951 Log

The 1952 Log: Senior and faculty pics. Student Assembly installs television! Electric wall clocks installed in the cafeteria!! Pencil sharpeners repaired and replaced!!! All this took place at the Central school. It would be another 4 years before Columbus High School on 25th Street would open its doors, but the new football field off 25th Street was completed this year. Clubs, band, and sports are offered here as well.

CHS Log 1952

1952 Log

The 1953 yearbook (log) is forthcoming.

1953 CHS Log coming soon

1953 Log

The 1954 Log has only the senior class and faculty, plus a few general pics at this time. Clubs and sports will be added in the near future.  The Jive Kennel on the SE corner of 4th & Franklin Streets and the "Greeks" were local hangouts for the kids.

1954 CHS Log

1954 Log

The 1955 yearbook includes seniors and faculty, and shows Richard Stoner holding the cornerstone of the "new" high school gymnasium, which was laid on October 14, 1954. The new Columbus High School gym was built in 90 days, and at that time, was the fourth largest gymnasium in the state. They called the gym the "physical education plant," and a pic can be found within these 1955 pages. No sports or clubs are included at the time of this writing (12/12/03).

1955 CHS Log

1955 Log

The 1956 yearbook: Only senior and faculty pics offered at this time. 1956 found construction on a "new" Columbus High School on 25th Street, and showed a portion of the faculty looking over the new place in the front of the 1956 yearbook.  The 1957 senior graduation class walked through the doors of the new Columbus High School and found a more spacious interior than the old Central building. This CHS would stand as the only high school until the early 1970's, when once again, the building was cramped and too small, and Columbus East would be added as a second high school.

In 1956 and before, Columbus High School was a four-class school. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen all attended class at the 7th Street building. 1956 featured a split schedule with some of the student's first class at 7:30 am. Those students then went home an hour before the rest of the students. The Wilson building, on Sycamore Street, was used for the 7th and 8th grades. State Street had one class of 7th grade. I think Indiana Avenue was the dividing line. If you lived south of Indiana Avenue, you attended 7th at State Street. Those living north of Indiana attended 7th grade in the Wilson building (courtesy Richard Bray).

1956 CHS Log

1956 Log

The 1957 yearbook: Only senior and faculty pics offered at this time. In 1957, Columbus Senior High School opened in the new building on 25th Street and became a 3-class high school. The 7th Street building became Columbus Junior High School with the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades attending. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors attended classes at the "new" 25th Street building. The class of 1957 was the first class to graduate from the new building. The 1957 yearbook was full of first quotes! The teachers no longer had to park on the street. They had a parking lot, a lounge, and a section in the cafeteria (courtesy Richard Bray).

1957 CHS Log

1957 Log

The 1958 yearbook includes only the senior and faculty pics at this time.

CHS 1958 Log

1958 Log

1959 yearbook: Senior and faculty pics, clubs and sports too! The class of 1959 was the first class to graduate after having attended all three years at the new building. The Bullfrogs of 1959 won the first state swimming title for Columbus High after having placed second the two previous years. In doing so, the team established 5 of 7 new records. In addition to winning the State Championship, the Bullfrogs broke two national marks and tied one record during the season. You'll find all of the information on pages 122 and 124 (text courtesy Richard Bray). On page 5 is a picture of the new wing under construction. The city of Columbus is highlighted in this log, and mention made of write-ups of the city in Look, Time, and Saturday Evening Post. Roger Callahan won a trip to Washington DC and met Dwight Eisenhower. Page 23 has a very unique picture, and you'll never find one similar to it in today's school environment: Mr. Scott is pictured on page 23 holding a Civil War musket! Remember typing class? Check out page 30.

1959 CHS Log

1959 Log

The 1960 CHS Log includes Senior and faculty pics, as well as sports and clubs. The big news for this 1959/1960 school year: The Bull Frogs win the State Swimming Championship for the second straight year, and the Bull Dog Football team finish their season with the best record in the history of the school (10-0). Coach Max Andress was voted South Central Conference Coach of the year. 150 freshman will have to attend CHS for the 1961/62 school year until work on the new junior high (Northside) is completed. A new language laboratory is opened. The varsity band won second division in the state band contest. Some of the songs you might have listened to on school nights and weekends? Sleepwalk, by Santo & Johnny, Mr. Blue, by the Fleetwoods, El Paso, by Marty Robbins, and Beatnik Fly, by Johnny & The Hurricanes

1960 CHS Log

1960 Log

1961 CHS Log: Senior and faculty pics. Sports, clubs, band, and choirs are offered as well. The Bullfrogs capture their 3rd consecutive state crowns. Congrats to Coach Barrows. The Bull Dog basketball team didn't fare as well, however, reaching Hinkle Fieldhouse, only to be shut out by Muncie Central. Popular songs from 1961? Little Sister by Elvis, Where The Boys Are, Connie Francis, Blue Moon by the Marcels, Moon River by Henry Mancini, & Moody River by Pat Boone...

1961 CHS Log

1961 Log

The 1962 yearbook only has the senior and faculty pics.

1962 CHS Log

1962 Log

The 1963 yearbook offers only the senior and faculty pics at this time.

CHS Log 1963

1963 Log

The 1964 yearbook includes only the senior and faculty pics at this time.

CHS 1964 Log

1964 Log

The 1965 yearbook: Sorry, only the senior and faculty photos at this time.

CHS Log 1965

1965 Log

The 1966 yearbook has the senior and faculty photos, and, being the 50th yearbook, a brief overview of past years.

1966 CHS Log

1966 Log

The 1967 yearbook: Seniors only are offered at this time.

CHS Log 1967

1967 Log

The 1968 yearbook: Seniors only at this time. Clubs, and sports to be added soon!

CHS Log 1968

1968 Log

The 1969 yearbook: Seniors and faculty are offered. Clubs and sports to be added soon.

CHS Log 1969

1969 Log

The 1970 yearbook: Seniors only offered at this time. 

I'm in the process of reworking the 1968, 69, and 70 yearbooks, so more to come in the near future!

CHS Log 1970

1970 Log

I would like to thank Richard Bray for taking a considerable amount of time to scan yearbooks and create text files for the name index.

Many many thanks to Charlin Gould (for loaning me 9 yearbooks!), Betty Burns, Bonnie (McIntosh) Brown, Sonny Barnhart, Dean Garnett, Janet Mabe, Joan Weinantz, Dick & Susie Miller, Jane Morrris, Joy Deckard, Jerry Coomer, and Dale Sechrest for loaning me needed yearbooks.

This page was created while listening to the greatest hits of 1967 through 1970!