Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1957 Yearbook (Log), Staff Employees

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Mrs. Nina Miles, Jessie Meneely, Oakel Williams, Ester Wilbur, Bertha Mundell, Josephine Mugg, Ester Shumaker, Esther King, Leota Hurley, Carrie Romine, Clara Shumaker, Della Miller, Clara Sitterding, Genevieve Lynn, Rilla Dutro, Myrtle Hobbs, Norma June Renner, Vinnie Weekly, Martha Rybolt, John Day, Irvin Casey, Ray Thixton, Mary Chamberlin, Pearl Aull, Laura Jesse, Lottie Hurley, Jean Lyle, Mr. Erne, Mr. Clark CHS Cafeteria Bookstore Staff Employees