Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1957 Yearbook (Log), Faculty 

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Mr. Arthur Taylor, Mr. Frances Taylor, Mr. Ralph Templeton, Mr. George Utterback, Miss Louise Van Lieu, Mr. Cornelius Versteeg, Miss June Wallace, Mr. William Jack Weddle, Mr. Jack Weddle, Mr. Paul Whiteman, Mr. R. Joe Williams, Mr. Joe Williams, Mr. Harold Wishon, Mrs. Lois Fouts, Mrs. Irene Lister, Mrs Lucile Bray, Miss Linda Scheidt, Mrs. Evelyn Selby, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Templeton, Mr. Utterback, Miss Van Lieu, Mr. Versteeg, Miss Wallace, Mr. Weddle, Mr. Whiteman, Mr. Williams, Mr. Wishon, Mrs. Fouts, Mrs. Lister, Mrs Bray, Miss Scheidt, Mrs. Selby CHS Faculty Office Employees Staff