Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1956 Yearbook (Log), Faculty And Staff

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Ralph Doles Templeton, Arthur Taylor, George Everett Utterback, Cornelius Versteeg, William Weddle,  Paul J. Whiteman, Book Store Manager Mrs. Virginia Kent and Carl Buffenbarger our Superintendent of Maintainance and our custodians,  E. Garrison, J. Jesse, O. Sweeney, M. Gearhart, B. Alderson, M. DeHart, L. Herron, I. Casey, E. Purdue, E. Jefferies, Mr. Templeton, Mt. Taylor, Mr. Utterback, Mr. Versteeg, Mr. Weddle, Mr. Whiteman, Mrs. Kent, Mr. Buffengarger CHS Faculty Staff