Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1956 Yearbook (Log), Faculty

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Albert Otis New, Frank C. Newsom, Mrs. Mildred O’Rear, Walter Page, Douglas Robert Peterson, Lawrence Eugene Poorman, Gerald A. Quilleon, Miss Alta Marie Redmond, Charles Richardson, Webb Salmon, Raymond Scott, Miss Evelyn Chalmers Seward, Miss Marjorie E. Simms, William Lee Stearman, Miss Bernice Irene Tanner, Mr. New, Mr. Newsom, Mrs. Orear, Mrs. O’Rear, Mr. Page, Mr. Peterson, Mr. Poorman, Mr. Quilleon, Miss Redmond, Mr. Richardson, Mr. Salmon, Mr. Scott, Miss Seward, Miss Simms, Mr. Stearman, Miss Tanner CHS Faculty