Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1955 Yearbook (Log), Faculty

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Mrs. Emily Harris, Mr. Melvin Harrison, Mrs. Rose Mary Ruch Harrison, Mr. William Hickman, Mr. Bill Hickman, Mr. Winfred Kalkwarf, Mr. James K. Kelly, Mr. James Kelly, Mr. Jim Kelly, Miss Vera Joan Lanham, Mr. Delmar W. Lewis, Miss Marjorie H. Lewis, Mr. Max Wayne Lynch, Mr. William F. Lynch, Mr. William Lynch, Mr. Bill F. Lynch, Mr. Bill Lynch, Miss Shirley Ann Lyster, Miss Mildred L. Maley, Mr. Karl McCan, Mrs. Hazel McKain, Attendance Officer, Mrs. Sylvia Gilbert, Mrs. Francis Armstrong, City Truant Officer, Mrs. Harris, Mr. Harrison, Mrs. Harrison, Mr. Hickman, Mr. Kalkwarf, Mr. Kelly, Miss Lanham, Mr. Lewis, Miss Lewis, Mr. Lynch, Miss Lyster, Miss Maley, Mr. McCan, Mrs. McKain, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Armstrong CHS