Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1940 Yearbook (Log), Clubs, Sorosis and Forum

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Sorosis, Forum, Miss Mildred Murray, Dorothea Hunter, Charlene Cook, Mary Virginia Booth, Betsy Rogers, Mary Louise Eckelman, Nea Ford, Frances Lostutter, Frances Scheidt, Charlotte Buxton, Birginia Bauer, Mary E. Daniel, Nancy Sohn, Charlotte Mae Hook, Georgeanna Leist, Joan Robinson, Patti Ketzinger, Berna Dell Taylor, Golria Hrffer, Catherine Winton, Georgia Dell Walker, Ann Dahm, Mary Sue Breedign, Betty Mohr, Virginia Gilmore, Norman Edwards, Carlos Folger, Jack Rost, Michael Cosgrove, Dick O’Bryan, Henry George McCullough, Mr. Cecil Coons, Paul Snyder, Paul Hendrick, William Wagner, Gene Burbrink, Fred Lohmeyer, Donald Ford, Donald Schuder, Charles Fox, George Eckerly, Irven King, Leonard Edwards Jr., William Lowe