Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1938 Yearbook (Log), Clubs, Aviation and Astronomy Club

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Aviation Club, Lionel Murley, David Stambaugh, George Kendall, Donald Moore, George, Rumbley, Gale Reed, Clyde Seal, Charles Thompson, Roy Marshall, David Andrews, Bob Nussmeier, Lyman Streitelmeier, Astronomy Club, Loraine Hopkins, Anna Belle Voss, Ester Carson, Mary Lockherd, Doris Fisher, Louththia Garrison, Nancy Shatto, Jewel Graham, La Vone Ping, Marion Daily, Henry Dickey, Mr. Noblitt, Loren Nobitt, Louise Sager, Marvin Adkins, Lincoln Christie, Charles Davis, Daniel Graham, Granville Foley, Parker Thompson, Julius Perry, Charles Griffin, Estel King, John Williams, Henry George McCullough