Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1917 Yearbook (Log)

The 1917 Freshmen 

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Freshmen, Nellie Acton, Edna Alexander, Henrietta Arbuckle, Helen Barnaby, Dorothy Book, Thelma Bray, Earmel Bright, Olive Burns, Bunella Campbell, Phebe Clutch, Gail Coffey, Anna Cole, Georgia Dinkins, Hazel Eickelbury, Bertha Emig, Ollie Emery, Bessie Foster, Doris Hart, Iris Haskett, Opal Hayworth, Marie Henery, Marie Hill, Ruth Hull, Opal Hull, Evelyn Jewell, Ruth Krause, Pearl Lain, Lucile Lawrence, Ruth Lawson, Florence Lazzell, Fannie Lee, Frances Lewellen, Margaret Lortz, Helen Massie, Mary Louise May, Ethel McGinley, Marie Miles, Jeannette Miller, Agnes Mundt, Kathryne Newkirk, Martha Newsom, LeNeve Nicholson, Mildred O'Neal, Thelma Perry, Lucile Reeves, Maude Rhude, Thelma Robertson, Alberta Schlick, Grace Seelman, Ruth Smith, Venus Snepp, Nelle May Stader, Elizabeth Stickans, Alberta Stine, Hortense Van Arsdel, Elizabeth Wagner, Kathryne Wright, Dale Anderson, Nowal Arnholt, Brevoort Baker, William Bearhope, Henry Boese, Edwin Bowlen, Keller Brand, Morris Bray, Marshall Brown, Howard Bruning, Floyd Carpenter, Stanley Clapp, Roy Coffman, Harry Cook, Leo Diekhoff, Saurie Doss, Minor Eddy, Orthadale Evans, Earl Foster, Roy Friedersdorf, Homer Fulwider, Donald Gates, Clement Gore, Joe Gilbert, Otto Green, Clarence Greenlee, Clarence Guthknecht, Theodore Harding, Ira Hoagland, Paul Huffman, Raymond King, Paul Knarr, Comyn Kohl, George Kinney, Leland Lazzell, James Leppert, John Lucas, Walter Luker, Edgar Mayfield, Haskell Moore, Fred Nehren, Raymond Newsom, William Patrick, Herbert Pointer, Gordon Reap, Carl Rhude, Elmer Schenck, Henry Schulz, Alexander Sharp, Edward Sheets, Dale Sims, Eugene Smith, Carl Stader, Merle Stader, Arlie Stickans, Carl Suverkrup, Merle Thompson, Edward Urbahns, Ralph Wagner, Valores Washington, Henry Weihe, Lawrence Wendall 

NOTE: I've tried to enlarge this picture as much as possible. The names of the Freshmen are listed on the opposite page in the yearbook, with no indication as to who is actually who...