Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1917 Yearbook (Log)

The 1917 Sophomores 

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Sophomores, Jessie Allen, Florence Armuth, Thelma Beckwith, Lavona Bennett, Ruth Butler, Doris Cottle, Geraldine Cox, Mildred Cook, Ruby Carter, Dorothy Fisher, Nellie Fodrea, Ruth George, Mabel Hammond, Bertha Harris, Georgia Imel, Mary Jorzick, Dorothy Kitchen, Eva Kroot, Katherine Leisure, Fern Marr, Bessie Maynard, Glenna McHenry, Marcia Morgan, Florence Morledge, Izetta Nading, Marie Phelps, Mabel Petrie, Hazel Ping, Edell Pittman, Gertrude Robertson, Effie Robinson, Edith Ross, Florence Roth, Marie Russell, Ida Schaefer, Dora Scheidt, Thelma Schinerer, Ella Stillwell, Florence Strawn, Mary Thompson, Mildred Wagner, Marie Walts, Helen Walker, Nettie Whitehorn, Helen Wright, Robert Barnaby, Elvin Barnett, Sheldon Book, Bedford Boston, Howard Broomhall, Raymond Butler, Samuel Calvin, James Catlin, Morris Conn, George Cook, McKinley Cowherd, Edwin Creasser, Hobson Daniels, Harry Davis, Robert Davis, Frank DeLay, Newell Dye, Luther Emig, Russell Fitzgibbon, William Goeller, Raleigh Hacker, Raymond Harrington, William Hawes, Harvey Hendershot, Harold Johnson, Arlie Kelley, William Kelier, Herbert Linsmith, Paul Malson, Clarence Martin, Harry Mathews, Vertreece McClain, Charles Mellon, Cecil Millett, Carroll Montgomery, Elvin Murphy, William Neal, Clarence Niemoeller, Fred Owens, Mont Passwater, Chester Perry, Ray Pittman, Lloyd Rader, Alonzo Redman, John Robinson, George Scheidt, Dave Sharp, Joseph Sidener, Joseph Springer, Charles Taylor, William Taylor, Fred Turner, Fred Ulrich, Dave Wagner, Paul West, Clarence Westenier, Doyle Whitehorn, Paul Wiley

NOTE: I've tried to enlarge this picture as much as possible. The names of the Sophomores are listed on the opposite page in the yearbook, with no indication as to who is actually who...