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Columbus High School, 1917 Yearbook (Log)

Columbus High School Varsity Basketball Team

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 1917 Yearbook (Log) Varsity Basketball Team Columbus High School Bulldogs

The Players: Fred Turner, Forward. "Fritz" was one of the stars of the season; perhaps this accounted for his being the most notorious one on the team. He was called a great many names and had several different ages, but he was there with the dribble just the same. He's a Sophomore.

Maurice Conn, Forward. "Connie" was always there when it came to getting goals and did much better if he could jolly his guard. His ability to throw goals from any angle seemed at times almost uncanny. Another 1919 man.

Lloyd Cook, Center. "Cook" was the most willing player on the team. Although a little slow at first, he showed he was from Flatrock by finishing in a whirlwind and as solid as a rock. Cook has another year to play.

Charles Taylor, Guard. "Captain Charlie" played guard, but he could also throw goals. He was good-natured and was never known to hit his opponent until that person "hit him first." Class of 19.

Floyd Crim, Guard. "Crim" was first used as a forward, but later changed to guard and it was at the latter position that he displayed his real abilities. He was always ready for the game if he could get his history lesson. Crim is a Senior.

Earl Schaefer, Guard. "Schaff" was a very reliable back guard, but he could have saved one field goal if he had not blown his nose at that particular time. Schaefer will graduate this year.

Robert Schwartzkopf, Guard. Although "Schwartzie" had some peculiar ideas, one of which was that knee-guards should be worn on the shoulder, these did not detract from his playing. "Bob" is also a Senior.

David Sharp, Forward. "Dave" often had some trouble in locating the ball whenever there were some pretty girls around. Otherwise, he's a promising player. Class of 19.

Robert Barnaby, Guard. Oh yes! Every one just loved to see "Big Four" play, he was so fat. Nevertheless, his weight did not prevent his playing the game well. "Bob" is a Sophomore.