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Columbus High School, 1917 Yearbook (Log)

Athletic Association

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 1917 Yearbook (Log) Athletic Association NOTE: The students involved with the Athletic Association were not named! This is what the Log had to say: The Athletic Association of 1916-17, as far as policy and purpose is concerned, is simply a continuance of that of last year. Its sole object is the financing of the High School athletics. Although the basketball team won only a minority of the games played, it certainly was not the fault of the Association. If cheering and applause could have won the games, every one would have resulted in an overwhelming victory for the White and Blue forces. The cheering section was thoroughly organized during the year, and many new "Yells" were introduced. A great deal of credit for this is due to Albert Stevens, the official cheer leader, and also to Frank Meyer and Harry Lowe.

When Columbus was selected as the center for the district tournament, it fell to the lot of the Athletic Association to determine whether or not the affair would be a success. Committees were chosen from among the boys and girls to have charge of refreshments and entertainment of the visitors, and they did their part well. As a result, when the visiting teams returned to their respective towns, they were fully convinced that C. H. S. could be a royal host as well as play basketball.