Columbus High School Yearbooks 

Columbus High School, 1917 Yearbook (Log)

Sorosis Members

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 1917 Yearbook (Log) Sorosis Members

Column 1:Frances Smith, Alta Redmond, Jeannette Reap, Mildred DeLong, Mary Gottschalk

2nd Column: Dorval Whitehorn, Justine Pfeifer, Mildred Medlam, Verna Hoffmeyer, Helen Milligan

3rd Column: Jeannette Parker, Mina Morris, Verna V. Taylor, Flora Roth, Elsie Crabb

4th Column: Idella Fox, Lee Esther Tholke, Lucile Reeves, Dorothy Kitchen, Thelma Beckwith

5th Column: Dorothy Book, Marie Parker, Glenna Morris, Thelma Robertson, Naomi Harden