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Becker's A & W Root Beer stand, and the way it looked when it was first built way back in 1949.




Another shot of Becker's A & W Root Beer, taken not long after it was remodeled. I called Bill Becker Sr. before Christmas, 2002, and he was kind enough to come down to Cummins Bookstore to spend some time with me. I gave him a copy of the picture from 1961. After I thanked him for giving us a place to hang out during our "formative" years in the 1960's, he looked at me and asked, "how many times did I kick you off the place?" I chuckled and said, "a few, Bill...a few..."





Before the Bottle Shop opened its doors for business, the property located on the southwest corner of 11th & Lafayette was Fisher's Drugs, a convenient location for downtown residents of Columbus. Today, the building is empty, awaiting a new tenant.






The Belvedere Hotel fire, which totally destroyed the old Columbus landmark. Mayor Kline is pictured, 2nd from left. The Surrey Inn would replace this old Columbus landmark (photo courtesy of Norman Morris)...










The fire also destroyed the old Gause Restaurant (photo courtesy of Norman Morris).








The horse barns are pictured from the old 25th Street Fairgrounds (photo courtesy of Norman Morris).







Seating in the grandstand of the 25th Street Fairgrounds (photo courtesy of Norman Morris).







Checkerboard painted tower inside the 25th Street Fairgrounds (photo courtesy of Norman Morris).








Taken by Norman Morris in 1970, this photo shows the street scene so familiar to residents of Columbus before the Commons Mall...









The same location taken by Norman Morris in 1972...









The future home of Cummins Engine Headquarters...








H. L. Rost Jewelers is demolished to make room for Citizen's Savings & Loan...









Castalia undergoing landscaping...











A view of Jackson Street demolition to make room for the Commons Mall...










The old Cerealine building will be incorporated in the new Cummins building design...









Jackson Street, looking southwest between 2nd & 3rd Streets...










Looking south from 4th Street..











The corner of 4th and Jackson...


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Beckers A & W Root Beer 1961



Beckers A & W Root Beer 1964





Fishers Drugs 11th & Lafayette





Belvedere Hotel Fire February, 1967





Belvedere Hotel Fire February, 1967




25th Street Fairgrounds




25th Street Fairgrounds




25th Street Fairgrounds




4th & Washington




4th & Washington




5th & Jackson 1979



SE Corner 5th & Washington








Looking Southeast 4th & Jackson




Cummins Headquarters




West Side Of Jackson St. Between 2nd & 3rd




4th Street Looking South




4th & Jackson Demolition