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The old Olympia Dairy on Pearl Street was a popular hang-out when I attended Central. French Fries with mayo was the craze...






Parker Drugs was located on the northeast corner of 4th and Washington. When John S. Crump was 12 years old, his family moved into a house that once occupied this space. John Crump would go on to fight in the Civil War, return to Columbus some years later, and raise Columbus from a small town to one of city status through his Crump's Theatre, the Belvedere Hotel, and Crump's Trolly. Dell Brothers and a much different looking White House Department Store can be viewed as well. Today, Parker's is home to Max's Jewelry...






Carpenters Drugs is partially captured on the right-hand side in this photo. Irwin Union and the Hotel St. Denis previously occupied this southwest corner of 5th and Washington...








A picture of what the Irwin Union Trust looked like in 1927. The Hotel St. Denis shared this building, as well as the old Carpenter's Drug Store. Carpenter's was originally located several businesses south on Washington, and moved to this location sometime in the early 1960's. Does anyone remember the 4-sided clock?





The 1st National Bank was located on the southeast corner of 4th and Washington Streets. This picture was taken during the early 1900's, and shows how dramatically the exterior has changed since.







Street scene of Washington, looking north, from 4th Street. This is one of my favorite pictures, as it does a wonderful job of reminding me what the Columbus of my youth looked like...








Another photo looking north along the west side of Washington from 4th Street. Carpenter's Drugs, which has yet to move to the corner of 5th & Washington, is located just beyond Cummins Bookstore on the left side of the street. Dell Brothers can be seen, and the old Capital Finance business.




This photo of Washington Street, taken sometime during the 1950's, highlights the businesses located on the west side of the street between 4th and 5th. Cummins Bookstore, the Val-U Dress Shop, Carpenter's Drugs (before they moved to the southwest corner of 5th & Washington, Tovey's, and Dell Brothers (which still remains after all these years!) are all included here.






The old Simmen Penisten Hardware building on the west side of Washington Street. The Commons Mall now occupies this space...







Each Junior or Senior CHS class took a tour through Saps Bakery at some point during the school year. Warm donuts passing along on conveyor lines were iced, glazed, and sometimes eaten during the process. Saps is now home to Dolly Madison.





Before this Dairy Queen changed hands and became a tropical drink place, there were 3 DQ's in the city of Columbus. This one, located on 25th Street, was less than a block away from CHS, and was the first one built. I wish this picture had included the sign out front. Maybe some day I'll run across one...





W T Grant was a chain of popular department stores through the United States during the 1950's and 1960's and gave G C Murphy a good run for their money. This particular one was located in Eastbrook Plaza. 






Any kid who owned a slot car track during the 1960's eventually found their way to Tommy Thompson's Camera & Hobby, which was located on the Central Street side of the 25th Street Shopping Center. Since this figure 8 track was much larger than the one I had at home, it was always a treat to take my best car and race the competition!






The swimming pool at Donner Park was my home away from home during the summer of 1967. With the purchase of a season pass, every day was spent at the pool with my best friend Boyd Yates. I somehow found the time to play a considerable amount of teatherball at the park as well.






The Jive Kennel was also known as the "Teen Canteen," a popular hangout for kids in 1955. The Jive Kennel was on the southeast corner of 4th and Franklin Streets in downtown Columbus. 


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Olympia Dairy Interior





Parker Drugs 



Southwest Corner 5th and Washington




Irwin Union Bank Southwest Corner 5th & Washington 1927



1st National Bank 4th & Washington



Washington Street Looking North From 4th Street Francis O. (Bud) Galbraith Photographer




Looking North Of 4th Washington Street




Washington Street Looking Northwest from 4th



Simmen Penisten Hardware


Saps Bakery




Dairy Queen 25th Street




W T Grant Eastbrook Plaza



Camera & Hobby 25th Street Shopping Center




Donner Park 1952



The Jive Kennel corner of 4th & Franklin