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Several shots of Frisch's throughout the 1960's. Frisch's Big Boy was a popular place in Columbus among teenagers in the 1950's and 1960's. Frisch's is now Enterprise Leasing. The Sinclair Station that sat just east of Frisch's is still in business, judging from this picture taken sometime in the early 1960's.






Frisch's, all lit up at night...





The two ladies pictured look like Dayla East and Josephine Grounds, but I could be mistaken here. The Top Value stamp sign is something you'll probably never see again. I can't recall right off the cuff which yearbook this picture came from, but it was during my own high school years from 1968-1970. As you can tell from this picture, the Sinclair Station that was just east of Frisch's is gone, but the 25th Street Fairgrounds can be seen in the background.




A picture from 1964 will remind viewers of the park and eat section located behind the restaurant.





This picture from the late 1950's/early 1960's also captures part of the old Sinclair station east of Frisch's.





The interior shot of G C Murphy's is bleached out somewhat, but shows the interior of the store and how it looked in the 1940's. Note the candy counter on the right...







Graham Todd Buick sat on the northeast corner of 2nd and Franklin, across the street from the old Lincoln School. Today, it's a parking lot...






Downtown Columbus Indiana and Washington Street, looking southeast from 5th Street. H. L. Rost and Sons, the VALU Dress Shop, and G. C. Murphy's are a few of the businesses that once filled in this city block.







The reason I included this picture of Mill Race Park was not the car, but the bridge in the background. This bridge was originally located close to our house on Center Street when I was a kid. We used to ride our bikes out Gladstone and play there. This bridge was destroyed by arson sometime in the 1970's. The picture also gives the viewer an opportunity to see how different Mill Race looks today...





Clifty Bridge was located on Gladstone Avenue on the way out of East Columbus, and was a popular hangout for some of us kids in the summer of 1962. This bridge was moved to Mill Race Park.





Another photo from Bob Welmer's collection. This historic photo of John Kennedy's visit to Columbus was taken inside the Courthouse, and is seen shaking hands with E. A. Welmer, Mayor of Columbus. The card below the picture says "Sorry--I have a bad throat and have lost my voice, but please vote for me anyway. This picture was taken in 1960.








Gene Autrey, popular cowboy movie and televison star. His pistols are being carefully studied by the boy in front of the counter. Today, you can find kids doing the same thing, only they won't be staring at guns and holsters. You can normally find them in front of the video game rack in Wal-Mart. This interior shot of G C Murphy's was taken in 1952.






Trains were once a constant reminder in the city of Columbus, as railroad tracks cut across many of the major arteries running in and out of the city. A picture of the New York Central, stopped at the Pennsylvania Depot in downtown Columbus.



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Frisch's Big Boy 

25th  Street



Frisch's Big Boy



Frisch's Big Boy



Frisch's Big Boy



Frisch's Big Boy




G C Murphy 5 & 10 Interior photo 1940s




Graham Todd Buick 

2nd & Franklin




Downtown Columbus Looking Southeast




Mill Race Park 1970



Clifty Bridge off Gladstone


John Kennedy visits Columbus, E. A. Welmer, Mayor



G C Murphy Interior, 1952




PRR Depot Station, Downtown Columbus