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Various matchbook covers of businesses that once played a part of the city of Columbus. About the only business that still remains in operation is Arts Cleaners...







The parade picture was taken from 5th Street, looking north, along Washington Street. A couple of things stand out here: As you will note, just on the other side of the "Liquors" sign is a street that used to cut across to Jackson. This street was done away with many years ago. You can also get a brief glimpse at the snack place that once sat on the northeast corner of 5th and Washington...





Interurban tracks once ran the length of Washington Street, and in their heyday, provided a major means of transportation for the citizens of Columbus. Alas, as busses and automobiles gained in popularity, the interurbans went by the wayside. I believe this took place sometime in the 1940's There is a video at the Cleo Rogers Library of Columbus that briefly highlights the removal of the interurban tracks. The video is approximately 26 minutes long, highlights news clips from Columbus, and is available for checkout. This scene captures the interurban at the corner of 3rd and Washington Streets...





If you lived in long ago Columbus Indiana, you might recognize and remember this store that sat on the north side of 2nd Street just after crossing the old 2nd Street Bridge. Clem Gore, uncle of Bob Welmer, owned this business.






E. A. Welmer, besides being Mayor of Columbus in the early 1960's, owned this gas station at the corner of 5th and Jackson in the 1920's. Bob Welmer says the first gas station in Columbus was on the corner of 4th and Lafayette.






The "Looking North 3rd & Washington" photo came directly from The Republic: 125 Years. I try not make it a habit of "borrowing" pictures in this manner, but this one I just couldn't resist, and I hope the Republic doesn't mind. This picture, looking north along Washington Street, was taken somewhere around Christmas time in the late 1950's. The Mode Theater, on the right, was still in business, and the main purpose behind posting the picture hangs above the street. Those Santa faces, which I distinctly remember as a child, brought forth such a flood of memories that I just had to post a picture of them! It goes without saying that the entire left side of the photo is now occupied by the Commons Mall...




The Indiana Gas and Water Company sat on the corner of 6th and Washington Streets in the 1960's. Another street scene of Washington, looking south and east, from this perspective...







There used to be a saying at my house when I was a kid: "If you don't like the food, go eat at the Bob-O-Link!" One of mom's sayings, as well as many other people around town, I'm sure. The Bob-O-Link was located where Blockbuster is today...




Picture of the Bob-O-Link Restaurant and the small carry out place as well...







The interior of Bennies Restaurant. I believe it's in the same location as Kramer's is today...








A picture of Carpenter's Drugs, after they moved from the middle of Washington Street to this location. Also the Irwin Union Bank, which still remains after all these years...







A picture of Eastbrook Plaza during my high school years. I believe this picture came from the 1968 yearbook. Standard Grocery, Gene's Bakery, and Guarantee Auto are all now occupied by different businesses...








Stan Franke stopped by the house a few years back and brought this picture of the old Franke's Dairy on the corner of Cherry and State Streets. It was part of a calendar Franke's had printed. The year was 1960 when this business was a familiar sight on State Street



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Matchbook Covers




5th & Washington St Parade 1950s





3rd & Washington





 Herm & Clem Standard Oil Products



E. A. Welmer's first gas station






Looking North 3rd & Washington






Looking Southeast 

6th & Washington




Bob-O-Link Restaurant 25th St. & National Road



Bob-O-Link Restaurant



Bennies Restaurant




Carpenters Drug Store Irwin Union Bank




Eastbrook Plaza 

Late 1960's




Frankes Dairy 

State Street