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The old Arvin plant on the corner of State and Gladstone.








This building on State Street is still around, but it's no longer the A & E Grocery








Bob Welmer, son of E. A. Welmer, was kind enough to send some pictures from his collection. This picture of the Jonesville School was taken during the early 1900's. Bob's mother taught there around 1918 -- 1919.






When I originally posted this picture, I was uncertain of the location. Robert Lay provided the following information: At the time that I was in high school (Class of '48) there was a place known as Sap's Grill and it was located somewhere just north of the fire station at 11th and Washington on the west side of the street. As I remember, there was a gas station north of the fire station and then there was Sap's and I'm not sure what was next, but possibly the Coca Cola Bottling works would be soon after that. Anyway, the inside of the place, as you see it in that picture with the 4 people including the sailor looks correct. That is, as
you came in from the front, there was a lunch counter at the right and booths to the left. The booths can't be seen in the picture.



Sap Essex and Orville Beatty, standing inside the Columbus Bar. The Columbus Bar remains a favorite place among Columbus residents. This photo, taken in the 1940's, shows what the interior once looked like...







Kitzinger Bakery began its operations in 1862, and was founded by George Kitzinger. The address was 321 - 323 Washington Street, which would put the building on the east side of Washington between 3rd and 4th Streets. The building was the home of Diana Shops women's clothing during the 1960's. Today, it's home to Sharpnack Bigley LLP...





The G. C. Murphy Company was located in the C. M. Keller building, built in 1913. The address of G C Murphy's 5 & 10 was 415 - 417 Washington Street. Too many memories of this old place permeate my thoughts of youth. The toy department located in the basement, the lunch counter on the first floor (they had good chili!), and the candy case! Hot roasted peanuts were a treat hard to find these days. SIHO now makes home to this historic building...





Palms Cafe was a popular place in Columbus. Located on 4th Street, they served food as well as beer and drinks. The Hollywood Cafe replaced the Palms sometime in the early 1960's. Today, the Palms is 4th Street Bar. If you look hard enough, you can see the similarities in the way the entrance looks today as it did back in the 1960's. I've seen Palms Cafe ashtrays sell on EBAY for $60 or more...






The Hotel St. Denis was located on the southwest corner of 5th and Washington. During my years of growing up in Columbus, it was Irwin Union Trust Company (remember the multisided clock that hung out front?), and sometime in the 1960's, it became Carpenter's Drugs. Today it's the main office for Hilliard Lyons Investment...






Tipton Knoll was once called Tipton Hill, which was located on the north side of 3rd Street as you left downtown Columbus. This home was originally the Schwartzkopf Home. It was the VFW home in the 1950's/1960's. This grand home was demolished before work began on Mill Race Park...







The Vorwald Store was owned by John Vorwald. The address of this grocery store was 302 3rd Street (taken from the city directory of 1903), and sat on the corner of 3rd and Jackson Streets. Today, this area is the Commons Mall...






The G A R building was on the northwest corner of 3rd and Washington. When this photo was taken (sometime in the late 1800's), Crump's Trolley had yet to be electrified, and the streetcars were pulled by mules. In the 1960's, it was host to Dalmbert & Pushor lawyers, Stevens Beauty Shop, and Brumy's Barber Shop. Today, the Commons Mall takes up this area...




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Arvin Plant on Gladstone


A & E Grocery State Street




Jonesville School






Sap Essex in uniform





Sap Essex & Orville Beatty Columbus Bar




Kitzinger Bakery




G C Murphy 1950s






Palms Cafe




Hotel St. Denis




Tipton Knoll




Vorwald Store




G A R Building