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The "3rd Street Scene" was taken many years before the Commons was even a dream. These buildings were located between Washington and Jackson Streets.  I believe the man in the photo to be Mr. Beatty, and not only shows the clothing style of the day, but also a brief glimpse of 3rd Street before the Commons...






The northeast corner of 5th and Washington is a panorama of what that corner looked like during part of my childhood. Tasty Snack, with its unique three-sided design, is displayed, as well as the old Evening Republican office building that sat behind it. The picture also captures the old Rio Theatre. The movie advertised on the marquee? The Seven Year Itch, starring Marilyn Monroe.







The Tasty Nut Popcorn & Candy business was located in that small triangular shaped building on the northeast corner of 5th & Washington.







This photo shows the same northeast 5th and Washington street corner, but it looks much different. The Republican building and the snack place have been demolished and a newer Home Federal building put up in its place...








A couple of photos of the old 2nd Street bridge were before my time. The 2nd Street bridge was more or less located where the new bridge is today. The following picture shows the 3rd Street bridge not long after it was open to the public...







It appears that demolition is underway in this picture of the 2nd Street Bridge








A picture of the 3rd Street Bridge, not too long after it was opened to the public




The Carnegie Library's address was 536 5th Street. The old downtown Boy's Club was where the Visitor's Center is today, and the library was east of the Boy's Club. Lafayette Street once continued on south from 7th Street, and I believe the Library sat close to the corner of 5th and Lafayette. When the new Cleo Rogers Library was built, Lafayette Street was not included in the city block between 5th and 6th Streets...





This picture is of the old Columbus High School before the "newer" Central building, as we know it today, was built. As with the case of this building, Central will be demolished in the not too distant future to make room for a new Central Middle School.







This picture of the original Columbus High School was taken from the Bartholomew County Directory, 1903-1904.








This picture of the old Maple Grove School came from the Bartholomew County Directory, 1903-1904. At some point after this Directory was issued, Maple Grove School became Garfield School.






The Garfield School picture was taken in 1961. This Central Avenue building is now the headquarters of Arvin Meritor...





An early picture of the Northside School, located on the corner of 17th and Home. This picture came from the Bartholomew County Directory, 1903-1904. Today, this building is an apartment building.






The Southside School was located on the northwest corner of 2nd and Franklin Streets. The renovated building stands today, but reading, writing, and arithmetic are no longer a part of the daily activities.





State Street School was located on State Street in East Columbus. It was about three blocks from where I grew up. I attended State Street from 1958 through the first part of 1964 when we moved to Rosstown and I attended Wayne Township. The building to the left is still around, but the building on the right was demolished many years ago. First through third grades attended school in the building on the left, fourth through sixth in the building on the right.


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3rd Street Scene







5th & Washington 1959





Tasty Nut


Northeast Corner 5th and Washington



2nd Street Bridge





2nd Street Bridge




3rd Street Bridge




Carnegie Library





Columbus High School



Columbus High School



Maple Grove School


Garfield School


Northside School


Southside School




State Street Elementary