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A Decade Of Baseball

with the Columbus Merchants

by Julian Piercefield

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This booklet is a re-published and updated version of a similar brochure distributed and sold by the Columbus Merchant Baseball Team in 1952. Its author, Julian Piercefield, a team member, put the brochure together while a part time player with the team. At the time he was serving his second year with the U.S. Army at Camp Breckinridge, KY.

The original format, even the original cover and advertisements (as redrawn) have been redone as in 1952. Only advertisers no longer in business are replicated here. The original group was composed of: Myers Sporting Goods Co., Lindsay's, Paul & Rudy's Mobil Service, Saps Bakery, and Dalton & Payne. There contributions paid for the "stencils" and required paper for printing.

The 1945 - 1952 Stats have been faithfully recopied from the fine dedicated work of Bobby Wissman, the Merchant team's scorer over the years. Bobby's dependable and accurate endeavors for the team (and many others) were, perhaps, under-appreciated. He did excellent work, and suffered through many games of "pleading" from players that... "Bobby - - come on - that was a hit!". Bobby would rarely relent, tho he would seek advice. A good friend to all players he scored for! His records for 1952, '53 and '54 were not located, thus these records and stats were retrieved from stories and box scores published in the then Evening Republican, now the Republic.

The author, a player from 1945 thru 1952, experienced a many and varied life style associated with sports. He was Sports Director for WCSI-FM in Columbus from 1947 to 1953 when the station closed. He became an IHSAA official in basketball and football, working a major schedule for 10 years and officiating in 7 State Tournament basketball events. He held all offices with the Columbus Municipal Golf Club. He was its President when the Golf Club petitioned City officials for considerations from a proposed sewer project through the golf course. Subsequent meetings directed by the City led to led Cummins Engine Co. involvement and the construction of Otter Creek Golf Course. When he moved to Indianapolis he continued participation in his Golf Club, Hillcrest C.C as Secretary 1980-83 and Little League Baseball, Upon early retirement in 1988 (after 41 years with Indiana Gas Co.) he immediately became involved with the State Golf Association as a Scorer (calligraphy). This led to an annual schedule of 6 to 8 events on the Professional Golf Tours. In 1994 he was selected to Score for the U. S. Senior Open Championship at Denver, CO. Next, he worked the USGA's Open Championships and Senior Opens in 1995, '96 and '97. This activity ceased when an "atrial-fib" problem was discovered as he scored the Open at Oakland Hills in Detroit.

Since then his attention and interest has returned to baseball, with (1) this effort, (2) plotting and planning a "Fantasy" team with his son in Florida, and (3) watching with grandfatheriy pride, his grandson's advancement in baseball to his current college level.

He has long enjoyed statistics and re-doing this project has been a joy. Except, perhaps, the columnar typing.....shades of the 50's Army Morning-reports. Miss Butler (HS typing teacher) should see him now...... improved only by the technology of the computer. Enjoy and reminisce these stats from a FEW years ago.