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Illustrated Columbus Indiana 1914-1915, page 3

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This pictorial Souvenir booklet of Columbus is issued for the purpose of giving those who receive it an idea of the many diversified industries there are located in this city. While it shows the majority of them, there are a number of smaller ones employing a great many people which we could not embody in this booklet. We trust the reader will be able to gather from what he sees in this souvenir a comprehensive idea of one of the most progressive cities, for its size, in the state. It will be unnecessary for us to go into all the details that would go to make up the advantages that Columbus could offer persons who are seeking locations for business of any kind, particularly manufacturing. Therefore, we think it wise to confine ourselves to the showing made in this souvenir, and to allow the reader to draw his conclusions as to what we have in Columbus by examining the illustrations. Columbus is situated in one of the most fertile farming sections of the state.Columbus has exceptional railroad and interurban service. There are 23 trains a day on the steam roads. On the electric line, 47 cars a day pass through Columbus. Columbus has four public and two parochial schools--one German Lutheran and one Catholic. Columbus has nine churches. Columbus has one of the most up to date filtration and water plants in the state. Columbus is forty miles from the center of populations of the United States. The city lives up to and bears its slogan, "Columbus--Indiana's Pride." Columbus has efficient Police and Fire Departments.

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