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I Discover Columbus, by William Marsh, Chapter 5: Wrong Number; Chapter 6: Three Alarm

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I Discover Columbus, by Will Marsh

     Chapter 1: Why This Book Was Written

     Chapter 2: From Smoky Row to Perry's Grove

     Chapter 3: The Waters Around Us

     Chapter 4: Be It Ever So Humble

     Chapter 5: Wrong Number

     Chapter 6: Three Alarm

     Chapter 7: The Little Engine That Could

     Chapter 8: Food – Ugh!

     Chapter 9: Life With Father

     Chapter 10: The High Cost Of Living

     Chapter 11: Ding Dong

     Chapter 12: School's Out

     Chapter 13: The Greeks Had a Word For It

     Chapter 14: With The Consent of the Governed

     Chapter 15: Honest Elections at Two Dollars A Head

     Chapter 16: The Law

     Chapter 17: A Tooth for a Tooth

     Chapter 18: Sex–At the Union Scale

     Chapter 19: The Demon Rum

     Chapter 20: The Filthy Weed, Coffin Nails & Yellow 


     Chapter 21: Medic

     Chapter 22: The Cloth

     Chapter 23: At The Bar

     Chapter 24: The Fourth Estate

     Chapter 25: The Irwins & The Crumps

     Chapter 26: Reeves–A Synonym for Industry

     Chapter 27: Two Lessons In Economics

     Chapter 28: Pre-Roosevelt Shovel–Leaners

     Chapter 29: Main Street

     Chapter 30: Advertising a la 1900

     Chapter 31: Mein Host

     Chapter 32: Shades of Shakesspeare & 40 Naked 


     Chapter 33: The Beau Arts

     Chapter 34: The Seventh Inning Stretch

     Chapter 35: The Grand Hailing Sign

     Chapter 36: The Star Of David

     Chapter 37: Dear Hearts & Gentle People

     Chapter 38: Out of my Wastebasket

     Chapter 39: It Doesn't Make A Damned Bit of


Illustrated Columbus Indiana 1914 -- 1915

John Crump: Columbus Indiana Pioneer

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