All of the offerings on the Historic Columbus Indiana website were, and are, developed, implemented, and maintained by David Sechrest. Historic Columbus Indiana has officially been online since March, 2002. The site was created in June, 2001. This is the effort by one individual with the purpose of sharing our cultural and community heritage. Hopefully, with the proper funding, this site will forever be "under construction," and it is hoped that this site will provide an all-encompassing history of Columbus Indiana.

The mission of the Historic Columbus Indiana website is to:

It is said that Columbus Indiana is a city Different By Design. The Historic Columbus Indiana website strives to live up to the same philosophy by offering a Different By Design website, and is one of but a very few internet sites that offers such a vast array of resources relating to the history of our community, or any other community, for that matter. One example of my Different By Design philosophy is the Columbus High School Yearbook section. It is a vast undertaking in and of itself. No other website on the internet and no other city can boast that they provide the same. The genealogical aspects of this offering are unique among other websites, and the yearbook pages should be viewed with more than just a nostalgic taste. There is a deeper, more profound reason the yearbooks are offered.

The Historic Columbus Indiana website is also Different By Design by the historical Postcard Page it offers. Not only does this page contain a pictorial history of the changes our city has undergone, but it also provides a glimpse at what life was like in Columbus Indiana in the early to mid 1900's, and I am proud to announce that it is one of but a few websites that offers such a comprehensive selection in one place. As with most websites, like the Indiana Historical Society's webpage, there is a listing of the postcards in their collection, but in order to view the postcards, you have to pay a visit to the Historical Society in Indianapolis. In keeping with the Different By Design attitude of this website, it is more important to offer the viewer a chance to see them from the comfort of their home, their business, or their school.

The Historic Columbus Indiana website has a long way to go to accomplish the goals set forth by its Mission Statement. It has come close to reaching its climax in what can be done by a single individual. Outside assistance and funding are badly needed to keep the website on course.

In 2003, my appendix ruptured, which caused a lot of internal damage. I had my first surgery on May 5, 2003, and soon after that, I developed a leak. I underwent another surgery on May 16, 2003. The surgeon had to remove part of my intestines. He also shut off my colon and performed an illeostomy. I wore that bag until January, 2004 when I went back in for another operation to reattach my colon and remove the illeostomy bag.

Due to these problems, I suffer from chronic constant pain in my abdomen, and other intestinal problems. I cannot do as much on the website any longer. Thanks to many other people who have worked hard to add new information to the website to keep it going.

Considering my condition, I will be turning over the website to someone else in the near future. I hope that he will be able to do the work I can no longer do.