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Bartholomew County Directory 19031904

Bill Stearman

Columbus Indiana: A Day In The Life...

Columbus Indiana: Downtown Pictures 1966

Columbus Indiana Fire Department History

Columbus Indiana Picture Collections

Columbus Indiana Historic Postcards

Columbus High School Yearbooks and Logs 19161970

Columbus Merchants Baseball Team

Cummins Bookstore History

Crump Theatre History

Drive In, Columbus Indiana

Historic Columbus Indiana Site Map

I Discover Columbus, by Will Marsh

Illustrated Columbus Indiana 19141915

Index to the 2003 History Of Bartholomew County, Indiana

Indiana Business Industry Magazine, February, 1965:

A Special Salute To Columbus

John Crump: Columbus Indiana Pioneer

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Old Historic Columbus Indiana Website

Schwartzkopf Opera House

What Columbus Indiana Watched on Television

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Historic Columbus Indiana has been online since March, 2002. The mission of this site is to


provide a comprehensive look at Columbus Indiana history for educational and entertainment purposes via the internet


ensure that the history of Columbus Indiana is available to the general public through this online library and museum

Historic Columbus Indiana strives to provide the best, all-encompassing look at life in Columbus Indiana through its online resources. Columbus High School yearbooks and logs, dating back to 1916, can be found here, complete with graduating seniors and faculty photos. How we dressed, what sports we participated in, and where we hung out, are only a few of the images that capture life in Columbus Indiana throughout the generations. The yearbooks also provide a wonderful means to help those interested in genealogical research.  Postcards as early as 1901 depict what Columbus Indiana once looked like, and provides a pictorial history of the changes the city has undergone.


A look at Columbus Indiana businesses from 1962 is highlighted, thanks to the 1962 Columbus Indiana phone book. Columbus Indiana businesses in 1914-1915 also looks at the Columbus Indiana business community.


The Schwartzkopf Opera Hall, a history of the Crump Theatre, the Columbus Drive In, and Cummins Bookstore history will possibly rekindle memories of what Columbus Indiana used to be.


Columbus Indiana has witnessed its greatest changes in the last 33 years. The Commons, Mill Race Park, the post office, Fair Oaks Mall, railroad tracks which once ran through the city now rerouted, and a myriad of new shopping centers and movie complexes, have changed the way we live, work, and do business in the city. The downtown face has changed dramatically, and many of the photos on this site stand as a historical record of those changes.


The people of Columbus Indiana. That's really what this website is all about. Whether you went to school here, built a building, sat around wondering what to do, mowed your lawn, built a mighty railroad, or wrote out a lovely song*: This is your life...


Historic Columbus Indiana is not associated or affiliated with the Bartholomew County Historical Society. I rely solely upon your financial support to keep this site growing.


If you would like to write a historical piece for this website, you are encouraged to submit your ideas.


Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to bookmark this site...


     Dave Sechrest, CyberCurator

     Historic Columbus Indiana

*borrowed from a song by Shawn Phillips from his first LP, Contribution: For RFK, JFK, and MLK...

A Decade of Baseball with the Columbus Merchants 

Recollections of Julian Piercefield

Business & Industry Magazine Columbus, 1965

A Salute To Columbus Industry: An Article Written In 1965

Columbus High School (CHS) Yearbooks

1916 1970

Students, Faculty, Sports & Clubs Included

Historic Columbus Indiana Postcards

79 Columbus Indiana postcards from 1905 through the 1950's

The Crump Theatre

A History Of The Oldest Theatre In The State Of Indiana Located Right Here In Columbus Indiana

A Collection of Columbus Indiana Photos and Pictures Before Downtown Redevelopment Began, 1966

Downtown Pictures 1966

Historic pictorial collection of downtown Columbus Indiana taken in the mid-1960's

Columbus Indiana Fire Department

A History From 1835 To 1941

More Pictures of Historic Columbus Indiana

More Columbus Indiana Pictures

Over 80 photos of Columbus Indiana History

Bartholomew County Directory 1903 -- 1904

A pictorial directory of the 1,488 residents of Bartholomew County, some dating as far back as the Revolutionary War

History Of The Columbus Drive In

One Mile North On 31A Memories

Columbus Indiana Television in the 1950's and 1960's

What Columbus Indiana Watched on Television

Memories of watching television in the 1950's and 1960's

Downtown Redevelopment, 1968

Pictures of homes before the downtown redevelopment period of the 1960's

Columbus Indiana's own John S. Crump, of Crump's Theatre, the Belvedere Hotel, and Crump's Railway. Civil War Picture from 1861

John Crump:

A History

The man who changed the face of early Columbus Indiana

Columbus Indiana Business from the 1962 Columbus Indiana Telephone Book

Businesses Of Yesterday

A collection of picture ads from the 1962 Columbus Indiana phone directory highlighting Columbus Indiana businesses

History of Bartholomew County, Volume II Index

An index to accompany this latest edition of our County's history

History of early Columbus Indiana as viewed through the eyes of resident and journalist Will Marsh

I Discover Columbus by William E. Marsh

Chapters from Will Marsh's recollections of Columbus Indiana History

Cummins Bookstore History

 A Brief History of the oldest bookstore in the State of Indiana

Bill Stearman

A brief look at Bill Stearman's career, complete with personal timeline and early photos

Early Days in Columbus Indiana Theatre History

Schwartzkopf Opera House

A little bit of history regarding one of Columbus Indiana's Opera Houses at the turn of the century

A Historical Look At Columbus Indiana Businesses in 1914-1915

Illustrated Columbus Indiana 1914 -- 1915

A look at Columbus Indiana businesses and city history


2nd Annual Columbus Historic Celebration

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The Architectural Forum Magazine, December 1965: 10 Pages Of Columbus Indiana Architecture

Where Historic Columbus Indiana Came Into Existence

Want to see how the Historic Columbus Indiana website began? There remain a few items I have yet to move over from the old site


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